Welcome to God's Rainbow of Promises!

Life is like a boomerang- what you THINK and DO come back-so if you dwell on poverty you're creating your own lack. Life is like a boomerang-when your thoughts are full of hate, you will attract the thoughts you give, so change your thoughts- don't wait.

Chorus: Boomerang (Boomerang) Boomerang (Boomerang) Throw your boomerang to the sky. Boomerang (Boomerang) Boomerang (Boomerang) Up to God and you know why! Boomerang (Boomerang) Boomerang (Boomerang) Throw it to God above! Boomerang (Boomerang) Boomerang (Boomerang) It'll come back FULL of love!

Life is like a boomerang- we don't realize the power of thought, trapped in our minds of logic, we don't see what we've got. Life is like a boomerang- if you crave love just give it out- cast away the hate, the doubt and grief, speak the word of Love throughout. INSTRUMENTAL

Life is like a boomerang- if you believe you can you will, but if you speak just idle words you forever will stand still. Life is like a boomerang- to succeed- believe SUCCESS, simply wishing will not do it, The Divine takes nothing less. (Repeat Chorus)

Life is like a boomerang- fill yourself with faith not fear, if fear controls your every thought that's what you will draw near. Life is like a boomerang- Love all, forgive and bless- and God will give you what you need, Oh, He wants nothing less. (Repeat Chorus) END

© Ellen M. DuBois

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