Welcome to God's Rainbow of Promises!

To me, we are like butterflies. When we invite God into our lives, we emerge, spread our beautiful, rainbow colored wings...and fly. Why? Because the minute we know that God is within us, there is nothing that can hold us back from living the life the He wants us to live. If we trust in His plan for us, and pray that we're on the right track, we will soar to new heights. And, butterflies are beautiful, just like all of us. They are made in every shape and size, in every color, and each one is unique. That uniqueness is what makes the butterfly so magnificent! Think of yourself as a butterfly that God created. Isn't it wonderful to know that there is no other butterfly on this earth just like YOU. Celebrate your individuality! What ties us together is the fact that God created all of us, all of the earth, and we are bound to each other and to every single thing on this planet. If you are living a life that doesn't feel right, you are like a butterfly who cannot spread its wings. You want so to fly into the sky and live your dreams, but something is holding you back. Nobody can see the beautiful colors of your wings, if you don't spread them and fly. If you feel this way, and I have felt like this, pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to help lead you to the path that God meant for you to walk. We all have a special purpose on this earth. Many times we think we know what it is, when in fact it's what WE want, not what GOD wants for us. That creates an uncomfortable feeling and we are constantly fighting with ourselves. If you're living what you think is the 'perfect' life, but something inside is telling you that there's another calling for you, listen to that inner voice. It just may be the Holy Spirit telling you that you haven't spread your wings yet because there are other plans for you. God Bless and keep you as you find your way. Life truly is a journey, but "If God be for us, who can be against us?" © Ellen M. DuBois

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